Rachel - The Strawberry Blanchmange (dk2022) wrote,
Rachel - The Strawberry Blanchmange

I'm being The Organiser today. Clare is coming back to town (with her boyf who I've never met), and she wanted a nice get together, so for the past two weeks I've been sorting stuff and stressing over trivial matters in relation to things but now I'm chill. My best friend is in the UK for the first time in two and a half years, she's bringing her boyfriend, he's having fish and chips for the first time and I'm bloody happy that she's wanting to meet up. She could have just spent all her time in Lampy just seeing her parents.

That said, I am bloody glad the others are coming to dinner. :)

Now it's 1pm, I need to get dressed and take the curlers out of my hair... And I'm trying to do a photo diary thingy today, but so far all I have pictures of are my phone, my head of curlers, the computer and my brekkie. Oh, and Mark. Which isn't bad, but I really should have done more with my morning.

Meh. Bring on the fun times!!! :D
Tags: friends, life, mark

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