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Doing it Gibbs-style

When you look at me like that I get this over-whelming urge to head slap you

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Rachel - The Strawberry Blanchmange
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... It's about time I had some change around here.

Hi there. I'm Rachel, the person who used to obsessive-compulsivly update this journal (now it's only mini bites of maddness every few hours). I live in Wales, and I'm currently hooked on NCIS and Stargate Atlantis. Oh! And Doctor Who. I write Snape/Hermione fiction (see saintlyficcies) and last year I did NaNoWriMo (again, see the fic journal). I make icons... Well, that could be put in the past tense, because I haven't posted my icons in ages... I make icons, and open to small requests (see vampiesicons).

My journal layout was made by thefulcrum who is amazing! Go look at her stuff!

If you want to friend me go right ahead... I don't comment much though (some of the best people on my Flist can back me up on this). Don't be insulted if I do something that might piss you off, I'm so bloody stupid at times that I don't realise what I'm writing until five days after I've posted. However, if you do friend me, can you at least comment to tell me who you are? It's kinda annoying seeing I have a friend request but no idea who the person is...

If you know me in real life... Hi! :: Hugs ::

So endeth the lesson.

Rach xxx

And now, some random images to show what I am like.

At the moment I'm listening to:

Marriage is love.

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